Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday 25 April - California, here I come...

Started off with a couple slice of High Malt bread and some Korean chili paste (Doenjang) with my coffee.

Then, off to the airport en route to San Francisco.

Heathrow Terminal Three Lounge

At Heathrow, check in and make a bee-line for Business Class lounge where I stuff my face with usual junk. As I sat and fiddled with the laptop I managed to eat:
1 25g pack sour cream & chive pretzel nuggets
2 25g packs of salted pretzels
2 25g pack of cheese biscuits
1 bag Walker's BBQ crisps
1 25g pack stem ginger biscuits
1 Bloody Mary
2 Vodka & Slimline (why do I bother with diet tonic when I am stuffing my gob with garbage?)

I almost never eat stuff like this, when when I go to the airport, it seem to be de rigeur.

Anyway, on the plane I had United's vegetarian meal which was some sort of vegetable bake, a small portion of salad and 2 Ryvita with a little tub of strawberry ice cream and a Frusli cereal bar for afters.

I also ate another pack of pretzels, another pack of 2 Stem Ginger biscuits, a pack of 2 Chocolate Chip biscuits & a pack of 2 Oatflake & Honey biscuits which I had in my bag from the airport lounge. Why all the sugar all of a sudden?

During the flicks, United offered a mini Toblerone and a Walker's shortbread finger, which I duly scoffed.

Not the greatest of all flights. Unpleasant to say, but the woman who sat next to me had THE worst halitosis EVER. It was truly vile. We were in bulk head seats and she was pfaffing about because she could not find the tray table, TV screen etc. I helped her out, but after we were talking for a few minutes I could not stand the smell. Finally, I asked her if she was on Atkins and - surprise! she was. Unfortunately, she asked me how I knew and I had to tell her it was because her breath was so rank. Me and my big mouth. But honestly, it was so bad you could smell it even when her mouth was closed. The smell of ketosis just leaked from every pore of her body.

I pretended to sleep on plane and touched down suitably haggard.

First trip to California in 12 years!

L&M met me at the airport and we headed back to the ranch, with a pitstop at the Albertson's Supermarket on the way. Nothing like wandering the aisles of a massive, suburban American supermarket while you are in jet lag mode. Miles and miles of aisles.....

At Casa L&M, I met Tommy & Sherry (standrad poodles!) and Monk & Cassie (moggettes).

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