Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lunch Wednesday 15 August - Crappy fish & chips too much wine

Lots of my bad food stories start with "I had a coupon...." This one is no exception.

Wetherspoon's pubs had leafleted the area with a advertsiement promotion which included lots of coupons for "Buy One, Get One Free" meals and deals on bottles of wines, pint & bottles of beer etc.

Anyway, after our gym work-out, we decided to use some of these coupons up. And used way too many of them.

Started off with one bottle of wine and some truly lousy fish & chips with peas. And one bottle of wine was enough get get us interested in a second and then a third.

Needless to say, we were totally hammered. I was very drunk - too drunk. Managed to make it home but not sure how. Oh, dear.

Brain - Nil
Liver - Nil
Wetherspoons - 2

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