Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday 22 August - Cornwall

Breakfasted on 1/8th cheese loaf, some cherries, a nectarine & coffee

Walked down to camp recycling centre with stuff so far, then another good 40 minutes walking on beach. It is pretty obvious that I am the only early riser in this group. I am usually up and about by 8:00 at the latest and Fiona & the girls are in bed until at least noon, so I picked up 2nd key at reception due to the differences in our time keeping.

Went back to beach and read for an hour or so, then home for lunch which was the other portion of bean salad, some lentil soup and supermarket bread.

Went into Penzance again to get bus ticket for Analiese - all sold out, so had to get train ticket instead so she can get home for her results. Stopped into the M&S at the roundabout on the way back and picked up a few things, including Cheese Tasters. I can NEVER resist these in M&S.

For dinner, I had a salad of romaine, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot & spring onions dressed with oil & balsamic vinegar. Then had a small baked potato with 50g of half fat cheddar, 125g mushrooms and ½ onion sauteed in a little olive oil with some garlic.

Had ½ kiwi and a punnet of raspberries for dessert.

More weird foods today - 1 "snack sized" Muller Choco/Vanilla Balls yoghurt - disgusting. and an M&S chocolate covered biscuit (not disgusting).

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