Sunday, September 23, 2007

Breakfast Sunday 23 September - Bran & Linseed Rolls

Breakfast was a bran & linseed roll and coffee.

Bran & Linseed Rolls
300ml soy milk
10g yeast
30g honey
10g salt
200g white bread flour
200g wholewheat bread flour
30g bran
30g linseeds

I had some soy milk that I did not like at all ("So-Good" - so badly named in my opinion). Anyway, I had been ignoring it in the fridge and it was on the turn, so thought I would use it up.

Add the yeast and honey to the soy milk and allow the yeast to bloom.

Add the dry ingredients and knead well. Allow to rise until double in bulk. Punch down and knead again. Allow to rise a second time until doubled, then punch down and knead until smooth and elastic.

Form into rolls, slit the tops and allow to rise. Bake in a hot oven (Gas 7 or 8) until browned and done.

Makes a baker's dozen

Nutrition Data per roll
Calories (kcal) 131.6
Carbohydrate (g) 22.6
Protein (g) 6.3
Fat (g) 1.9
Fibre (g) 2.9

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