Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dinner Thursday 6 September - Herb Salad and Tofu Jerky

Did not really have a "proper" dinner. I had a big herb salad, but then as not very hungry so just ate a few pieces of Tofu Jerky.

This is something I have been experimenting with since I ran out of the tofu jerky I brought back from California in April.

What I have been doing is buying tofu, wrapping it up in several layers of paper towels and then pressing it between two cutting boards weighted down with cans. The idea is to get as much water out of it as possible. I will leave it pressing all day.

Next, cut it into thin strips and lay it out on baking sheets that have a little bit of depth (so the marinade will stay put). Cover the strips in marinade and leave to marinate over night.

Next morning, place the sheet in a slow oven - like Gas 1 - and leave to roast/dehydrate until dried, but not crispy. Usually takes a couple of hours.

I have made a variety of marinades - BBQ, Thai, Chinese style and they have all been pretty tasty.

Next time, I will take photos.

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