Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday 3 May - Home again, home again

Breakfast on the plane consisted of sauteed potatoes with onion, peppers and semi-dried tomatoes, a cinnamon doughnut, a minuscule fruit cup (4 grapes, 2 dice sized pieces of watermelon and 2 dice of cantaloupe) and some very drab coffee.

We landed at 09:00, two hours late. No sign of the driver I had booked. I had him paged twice and wandered around with my stuff for about 30 minutes.

I pretended like I was actually going to get on the Tube with my two suitcases and laptop rucksack for about 5 minutes before giving up and getting a black cab. £60 later, I was home.

Let myself in to be greeted by Miss Pris, curled up in my computer chair. She looked at me and let out a long, high pitched meow, furiously shaking her head from side to side like cats do sometimes when they are looking at a bird or some other prey. We had a good long cuddle and and I gave her some food, then popped over to vet to collect Kaspar. He was a bit shaken and cowed from his week at the vet's and his fur was pretty sticky and stinky - full of urine and a bit of blood as he never washes himself! Gave him a good sponge down at home and then went out to Sainsbury's and Chapel Market to get some provisions in.

Back home, feeling decidedly rough. Had a cup of Kikkoman instant miso soup (picked up in an Asian shop next to La Montana restaurant) and then had a lie down for a bit.

In evening, spoke to Pam (cat sitter) and made horrible discovery - I gave her the wrong return date, so Pris had no visits yesterday! Poor little mite had no food at all on Wednesday. No wonder she gave me such a greeting.

Feeling decidedly lurgy-ish. Typical me - I always get ill when I have been travelling. Had a very simple dinner - a herb salad and two slices of toast with a can of good old Heinz beans. Comfort food for the sickie.

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