Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday 7 May - So much for getting over jet lag...

Could not get to sleep AGAIN. Then could not wake up AGAIN. And still feeling lousy, so maybe I need the sleep.

Did not get awake until midday and felt God awful when I did. Just had some coffee and did some work for a few hours until hungry.

Given that my taste buds are shagged by whatever creeping crud is infesting my body, I thought this might be an opportune moment to crack into some of the frozen food hoard, so I got out some Young's Fish en Croute which had been lurking since the last time "I had a coupon" mania lured me to buy them.

In a word - ugh! (Is "ugh" a word?) The pastry was OK, but the contents left a LOT to be desired. The portion of fish inside was minuscule and had a terrible, grainy texture. I would not buy these again on a bet.
Carried on working until about 21:00 and then just had a herb salad, a Teriyaki seitan jerky strip and a few handfuls of sesame sticks from the California health food store haul.
Getting tired of feeling rubbish.

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