Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday 1 May - A Day of COMMERCE!

Port Costa

OK, I know I am not meant to be buying stuff, but I did spend most of today shopping; but only for things that I genuinely needed and/or food items.

Breakfasted on cantaloupe & blueberries, coffee and Asiago bagel, wholewheat bagel (well, half of one) and the usual cream cheese schmears.

Michael had to go to work on Treasure ISand, ao Lyn & I had a drive around the little town of Port Costa, which is a stones throw from Crockett, on the Carquinez Straits. It is a charming little place and home to some quirky little businesses - The Burlington Hotel (also a cafe & restaurant) and The Bull Valley Inn and local artist and all around odd ball Clayton Bailey.

Then we went for a nice walk through the Carquinez Straits Regional Shoreline Park with Sherry.

Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline

Then a spot of SHOPPING! Stopped into BevMo where I bought a fancy bottle of tequila for Mikey - I can't even remember what I bought, but it is one of his favourite and has some special attributes that escape me. Then I bought a laptop bag in Best Buy - very nice one too. It converts from rucksack style to shoulder bag and has lots of padding & pockets and, best of all, it actually fits the 15.4" laptop I bought last year, unlike my current bag. And finally, we swung into Albertson's and picked up some food for dinner and a few treats.

Had a late lunch of salad (basically a reprise of the same sort of salad we had made at Butch & Ricky's.

Michael cooked dinner for us again - we had scallops cooked with soy, ginger & mint (yummy), brown rice, asparagus and artichokes. While Mike was cooking, we knocked back a couple Sapporo Reserve beers I had picked up in Albertson's and some edamame in the shell - not a good as the seasoned ones from Trader Joe's, but still OK.

After dinner, had a bit of a pig out on ICE CREAM. One thing I do miss in the UK is ice cream sandwiches. We just don't get them. So, I had remedied that by picking up some Klondike ice cream sandwiches in Albertson's. Lyn recommended the Heath Bar ones, too, so they were also bought (and eaten!)

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