Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wednesday 2 May - Back on road, again

Well, time to wind up the California odyssey and head home to my kitty cats. Hope Kaspar is OK - I felt like a proper "bad mom" leaving him when he was sick with his FLUTD, but at least he is at the vets where I know he will be well cared for. Poor Miss Pris all by her lonesome at home... (with twice daily cat sitter!)

Anyway, day is a bit of a blur. Dragged unfeasibly heavy case, crammed full of food out to the car. Mike drove me to the airport and we dropped Lyn off at work en route.

Then I had a coupe hours to kill, so I checked my bags and headed to the business class lounge where I proceeded to cram my face with lounge freebies - coffee, bagel with Philadelphia (awful after the lovely Noah's bagels I had gotten used to), a couple of Nature Valley Granola bars and a banana.

Then the food service area started to shift towards lunchtime "snacky" things, so I bought a Bloody Mary (no free bar at SF lounge!) and ate some Pepperidge Farm crackers, some Goldfish crackers, a bag of Ruffles potato chips - junk, in other words.

Finally got on the plane and more or less immediately crashed out. I know there was a meal en route, but I can't remember what it was, it was that bland and unimpressive. I did manage to sleep quite a bit on the plane, which is unusual for me. I credit the two glasses of white wine I had on board.

As usual, I hate travelling, but love being someplace new. So long, California.

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