Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday 20 May - Brunch at The Landmark Hotel

It has become a bit of a tradition that L. and I celebrate our birthdays with a Landmark Jazz brunch. Things have gotten put off a few time this year, but today we are finally having a (belated) celebration.
The Landmark is a five star hotel in Marylebone with an excellent jazz brunch every Sunday in the Winter Garden.,

It is a great venue; just wish I was feeling a bit better! But I made a valiant effort to EAT!

So, started off with a spot of breakfast - scrambled egg (they do lovely scrambled eggs - no doubt full of butter & cream!), grilled tomato, hash brown and a rather nice seeded roll.

Then on to more "lunch-y" sort of items - a huge portion of lovely smoked whitefish and some asparagus.

Next up, a nice bit of a goat's cheese terrine, some bean salad and more asparagus. The terrine was lovely - goat's cheese, vegetable mousseline, apple & pine nuts in a very thin roasted aubergine wrapper.

So, on to the hot entree - sea bass for me, with spinach, mixed veggies and roasted potatoes. Then, a few four cheese tortellini, some hearts of palm and - more asparagus!

For afters, I had some blue cheese, but must say the cheese board was rather a let down this year - a bit of Stilton, some Cheddar and not a lot else to choose from .

For sweets, I picked at a couple of profiteroles, a slice of Gâteau St. Honoré, a bit of a chocolate mille-feuille and a few strawberries.

All washed down with many, many glasses of champagne.

We then retired to the Mirror Bar at the hotel, were a couple of martinis were called for and I some how managed to find space for some roasted nuts with rosemary - sort of like the Union Square Cafe nuts.

Needless to say, no further meals were required today!

The Landmark Hotel

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