Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dinner Wednesday 4 July - Avocado and New Potato Salad with "Bacon"

Avocado and New Potato Salad with "Bacon"
2 teaspoons macadamia nut oil
10g mustard
juice 1 lemon
20g Manuka honey

150g new potatoes
½ pack Quorn bacon style strips
1 small avocado (about 100g)
½ red onion, sliced finely
100g cherry tomatoes
10g spinach

Make a dressing of the oil, mustard, honey & lemon juice.

Cut the new potatoes into bite sized chunks and steam until just tender. Turn them into the dressing while still hot (so they absorb some of the flavour) and leave to cool.

While they cool, strip or grill the "bacon strips", peel and cube the avocado and halve the cherry tomatoes.

Add the sliced red onion, avocado and cherry tomatoes to the potatoes and combine.

Live a plate with the spinach and pile to potato & avocado salad on top. Garnish with the "bacon", crumbed or cut into small strips.

Nutrition Data
Calories (kcal) 667.1
Carbohydrate (g) 55.9
Protein (g) 17.5
Fat (g) 42.2
Fibre (g) 13.3

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