Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lunch Sunday 29 July - Mushroom Stroganov (RUINED!)

Ruined Mushroom Stroganov
Leftover Mushroom Stroganov from Friday
95g assorted pasta bits
½ pack Quorn "chicken " slices

I heated up the other portion of Mushroom Stroganov with ½ pack of Quorn "chicken" slices and some various bits of leftover pasta.

I went to add a shake of Vegeta and the lid came off, dumping about 2 tablespoons of Vegeta into the sauce. I scraped out with I could and tried it, but it was unbelievably salty, so it got binned

I ended up eating then other ½ pack Quorn, some Roquefort & and apple, instead.

Nutrition Data for aborted lunch
Calories (kcal) 580.4
Carbohydrate (g) 83.1
Protein (g) 31.6
Fat (g) 13.3
Fibre (g) 10.5

Vegeta is an "all purpose" seasoning I picked up in the Turkish market near me. It is Polish and appealed to my love of seasoned salts.....

They have an English language website here:


Well, sort of English language. I love the "Potatoes from an Oven" recipe.

"You may prepare this simple dish from potatoes when you try to be on diet, when you are not “hungry” or you are changing residence – as a sole or side dish."


Don't get me wrong - it is lovely stuff. Just don't add 2 tablespoons to one portion of ANYTHING.

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