Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lunch Saturday 7 July - New Potato & Bean Salad

New Potato & Bean Salad
10g mustard
2 teaspoons macadamia oil
juice 1 lemon
10g Manuka honey

150g courgette
100g fine beans
80g broad beans
150g new potatoes

50g romaine lettuce, shredded
100g cherry tomatoes

Make a dressing of the mustard, oil, honey & lemon juice.

Cut the potato into bite sized chunks. Cut the beans into bite sized lengths. Steam the green beans, potatoes and broad beans until tender and combine them with the dressing while still warm.

Cut the courgette into disks and fry in a non-stick pan sprayed with a little oil. When they are lightly coloured on either side and tender, add them to the potato mixture and combine.

Line a plate with the shredded lettuce and mound the potato & bean salad on top. Garnish with sliced cherry tomatoes and serve.

Nutrition Data
Calories (kcal) 336.8
Carbohydrate (g) 46.4
Protein (g) 12.3
Fat (g) 11.8
Fibre (g) 12.0

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