Thursday, June 21, 2007

Breakfast Thursday 21 June - A Summer Solstice Funeral

Breakfast was a smoothie made up from some bananas & mangoes that needed eating up, along with an orange for some juiciness.

Afterwards, had a slice of the light Polish rye Lisa gets from somewhere in the wilds of Kent and then moved on to one of the reasons for my visit - teddy bear funeral.

I had several bears and lambs from when I was a kid. They had come with me from the States, but as part of my effort to de-clutter myself, I wanted to get rid of them. All they did was live in a bag in the back of the closet, so keeping them seemed pointless. They were not in good enough condition to be of interest to "collectors" (too well loved in their day) and not safe by today's standards for kids (wire armatures etc). Yet I could not face just chucking them in the rubbish and having them end up in a landfill somewhere with discarded nappies and i-Pods.

They deserved something a bit better than that.

They deserved a funeral.

So, as I lack a garden, they were buried at Lisa's. Wrapped in some tissue paper, each with a little sprig of some nearby flower, ashes to ashes, old teddy bear friends

I am an old softy at heart.

I guess I was waiting for the Nursery Magic Fairy, but she never came.

"I am the nursery magic Fairy," she said. "I take care of all the playthings that the children have loved. When they are old and worn out and the children don't need them any more, then I come and take them away with me and turn them into Real."

And if you don't know how toys become real, then you need to read The Velveteen Rabbit

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