Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lunch Wednesday 20 June - Cocktails and smorgasbord in Kent

Well, Lisa had invested in some cachaça and some gin (as I am partial to a martini), so I started the afternoon off with a dirty martini. But martinis are hard to drink all afternoon, so I kept Lisa company in the bottle of cachaça and started making Caipirinha/Mojito hybrids instead - lots of ice, lots of mint, a little sugar and some cachaça.

For lunch, we had a huge spread of Lisa's homemade hoummus, smoked salmon pate, a salad of peppers, fennel, radishes & cherry tomatoes with a pomegranate molasses & honey dressing plus Ryvita, pretzel sticks and a cheese plate featuring some delicious manchego and a suitably gooey brie.

We enjoyed the sunshine in the garden and consumed our indulgent lunch.

Also paid a visit to the Turkish grocer I had mentioned before and picked up another of the wonderful leggy and leafy celery he stocks.

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