Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dinner Wednesday 3 October 2007 - Pappardelle with Quark & Asparagus

Pappardelle with Quark & Asparagus
100g asparagus, steamed
90g pappardelle, cooked
2 cloves garlic, crushed
125g quark
1 teaspoon concentrated vegetable stock
15g Parmesan cheese, grated
salt & freshly ground black pepper to taste

Spray a non-stick pan with a little oil and saute the garlic until soft and fragrant - a minute or two.

Add the quark, concentrated vegetable stock and cooked pappardelle to the pan. Work quickly over low heat to just warm through the quark; do not over heat or it will curdle.

Season to taste and top with the Parmesan. Serve with the steamed asparagus.

Nutrition Data
Calories (kcal) 504.5
Carbohydrate (g) 71.9
Protein (g) 37.2
Fat (g) 7.7
Fibre (g) 4.6

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